Vaccinations for Cats

All cats boarded must have current vaccinations and present their vaccination card as proof of this. We will update our records and scan the card to be stored electronically.

Your cat will need to be covered against cat flu & feline enteritis. These will usually be shown on your vaccination cards as Nobivac® Tricat Trio and Nobivac® Felv though other brands are available depending on your vet.

If you are unsure please feel free to pop in with your vaccination card before you need to board, we can look at your cats vaccinations and advise if a trip to the vets is needed to ensure there will be no last minute issues when you come to drop off.

Please also ensure your cat has been flea treated within the 2 months prior to boarding. Any cat found with fleas will be treated immediately and the cost passed on in your bill.

We cannot board your cat if it is not fully vaccinated.

Vaccination FAQ

Your vet will provide you with a vaccination certificate. Inside it will show the date of vaccination along with a sticky label off the vaccine bottle and a date of its next annual booster. On the day of arrival to our cattery bring with you your cat’s vaccination certificate.

When you cats comes into a cattery there will be lots of other cats. Some cats can carry the cat flu virus, which becomes airborne and your cat may contract it this way. The same can apply by your cat brushing against the next-door neighbours cat. Cat flu can be very nasty for cats so it's important that they're protected for their well-being.

Quite simply go to a vet and get your cat booked in. Allow 5-6 weeks before boarding to ensure the full course has been administered and your cat is fully protected.

When your cats goes to the vets for its first cat flu vaccinations it will have:

  1. The first jab on day 1
  2. 3 weeks later your cat will go back for its final jab known as the booster
  3. 2 weeks after its booster jab is when your cat is ready to go into a cattery because this is when its immune system is fully protected.
  4. 12 months later from the date of your last cats vaccination you need to go back to the vets for its annual injection.

If your cats vaccination dates have lapsed by a few weeks don't worry just go back to the vets for its annual booster. If its lapse by a few months you need to consult your vets as probably your cat will need to start all over again as explained above.