Welcome to Skyecroft Kennels and Cattery


We are situated in a quiet rural location and offer 4 secure paddocks which allow us to exercise our boarders 3 times a day.

Our team of experienced staff ensure your dog has a happy and relaxed stay with us with lots of fuss and attention.

We accept dogs of all ages and all breeds, our only requirements are that they are fully vaccinated and they are people friendly.

We provide your pet with:

  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Bedding
  • Heated kennels
  • Quality care and attention
  • Any medication needed can be administered
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1 on 1

Individual Care

All Breeds



Seperate, Secure


All needs met


Outdoor play


We feed generally feed breakfast and tea but if your dog needs additional smaller feeds we can accommodate if you let us know when booking.

We have a range of quality wet and dry foods but if your dog has specific dietary needs, we ask that you supply any specialist food. 

If you simply prefer your dog to bring its own food that is also not a problem.


We walk on lead in the larger paddock and your pet can play off lead in the other 3, stretch their legs, have a ball game or just have a good sniff around.

We will ensure the exercise provided is suitable for the age and health of your dog

During inclement weather we have coats to hand and will dry off everyone after their walk but having fun and playing in the paddocks may mean your dog gets muddy, especially depending on the breed and type of coat. 


We provide all our boarders with a plastic bed, vet bed and blankets to ensure they are warm and comfortable in the kennels. 

If you prefer to bring your own we are happy for you to do so. Please be aware however that we have a vast amount of bedding and if it becomes wet or dirty it will be swapped out and may get lost in the washing. Your dog may also destroy it though he may not do this at home.

We cannot guarantee bedding will be returned

Heated Kennels

Our kennel blocks are centrally heated to keep everyone warm and snug in the colder months.

Quality care and attention

The happiness and welfare of your pet  is our priority. All staff own their own dogs and we look after our boarders to the same high standards we have for our own pets.

We understand most dogs are very sociable and we make sure we spend time each day having a chat and giving fusses, treats (where allowed) and cuddles with each of our boarders.


We are happy to administer any medication your pet may require, for non-contagious/infectious conditions (pills, ears and eye drops and insulin injections), during boarding but be aware the earliest we can administer medication is 7:30am and the latest is 7:30pm.

Please ensure clear instructions are left with any medication. 

Please provide enough medication for their stay, and a little extra in case of unforeseen circumstances, such as delays in your return

We look forward to meeting new friends and catching up with our regulars.


Rate charged per pet, per day, including the day of drop off and the day of collection. Prices include food, 3 exercise periods a day and unlimited fuss. Please note that from 1st Jan 2021 our prices have been revised to be £12.00 per dog (of any size) per day. This will now be inclusive of a VAT charge.

  • Small Dog - £9.50 per day (for bookings starting prior to 31/12/2020)
  • Medium Dog - £10.00 per day (for bookings starting prior to 31/12/2020)
  • Large Dog - £10.50 per day (for bookings starting prior to 31/12/2020)
  • Giant Dog - £11.50 per day (for bookings starting prior to 31/12/2020)