We are open for viewing from 10:00 to 3:00 every day (except bank holidays). You do not need an appointment though we do ask that you wait if we are booking boarders in or out.

I'm afraid not.

We do suggest to clients who need to start boarding out of hours or on one of our few closed days that they see if they have a friend or relative who wouldn't mind dropping their pet off when we’re next open. This can also save on extra costs. If this is not possible, then it will be an extra day on the invoice.

The same applies for departures, unless, again there is a friend or relative who can collect for you the day before. In this instance, we would need to be notified if anyone other than you will be collecting your pet, otherwise we will not release them.

We supply everything needed for your pet during their stay. However, feel free to bring items to help them settle in. Bedding is fine but please consider carefully before bringing certain types of dog bedding, keeping some soft bedding dry is impossible during wet weather. We supply vet bed bedding which can be kept dry and is easily washed and blankets. Cat bedding of any kind is fine. Toys etc. are recommended. All items are left entirely at the owners risk, we will endeavour to return all items but they can be destroyed by your pet or lost during kennel cleaning.

No, while we are happy for you to bring your own food we do not offer a discount for this.

In short, we do advise it but we do not insist on it. The vaccination does not protect against every strain of cough there is, so even after having the vaccination, they could still contract it.

If you do decide to have the vaccination done, please have it done 14 days prior to your dogs arrival as it is a live vaccine that can cause your dog to produce the kennel cough virus and we cannot accept them into kennels.

If your dog is coughing before their stay with us, I’m afraid we cannot accept them.

If we are unhappy about your pets health during their stay we will use the emergency contact number provided and discuss what actions we should take. Should there be, what we consider an emergency, we will seek immediate veterinary advice. During normal hours we will endeavour to contact your own vet but for out of hours we use Wilsons Vets in Bishop Auckland.

All costs will be billed to the owner.

We ask for a £25 non-refundable deposit on booking to be paid by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

The balance of the bill is payable in cash when you drop off your pet.

You dog will be let out 1st thing (we start breakfast at 7:30) for a toilet break while we clean their kennel and put down they breakfast. We then exercise during the morning and again in the afternoon. This is either a lead walk with a member of staff, a game of ball or being let into one of our 3 fully fenced release paddocks to stretch their legs and have a good sniff about

In the very rare case that we are unable to do anything to settle your dog into their new environment and we have serious concerns over their wellbeing, we will get in touch with your emergency contact (all animals must be left with at least one emergency contact number).

We are always very grateful if you can inform us at the time of booking if your pet is a tad nervous, so that we can have a suitable/quiet pen/kennel ready and waiting for them.

We never force your pets into greeting us – we will let them come to us in their own time. Trust is the key, so with nervous animals we will work on building that trust with your pet as soon as their holiday begins. You may also find the following suggestions helpful:

Come and visit us with your dog before their holiday is due to start so they can get familiar with the surroundings. You could even let them have a trial overnight stay. This way, they will know where they are, who they're with and, most importantly, that their owners will be coming back! It will also be good for us to see how your pet reacts/behaves to the kennel experience and will allow us to judge the best area for your pet when they come for their proper holiday. We will tell you exactly how your pet dealt with their experience, and we will also give our honest opinion as to whether we feel a kennel is a suitable choice for your pet as it's not for everyone.

Another tried and tested method: try wearing an old T-shirt or jumper a day or two before holiday time and send it along with your dog. A familiar home scent can really make all the difference.

If your dog suffers extreme nervousness or separation anxiety, why not try an over-the-counter remedy? Your local veterinary surgeon can discuss with you what is best for your pet. Please keep in mind that it can take up to two weeks for some treatments to take effect, so don't leave it too late!

Our opening hours are:

Monday to Friday 9:00 to 6:00

Saturday 9:00 to 5:00

Sunday 9:00 to 4:00

We are closed to the public for viewings and for pick up and drop off on all bank holidays

Yes but you need to let us know when you drop off (or book) who will be collecting your pet, otherwise we cannot release them.

No, we keep a number of premium wet and dry foods in stock. If, however your pet has a special diet we recommend you supply the correct food to ensure there are no adverse effects caused by a sudden change in diet. If you simply prefer to supply your own food you can.

Yes – see our vaccination page.

We are happy to administer any medication your pet may require, for none contagious/infectious conditions (pills, ears and eye drops and insulin injections), during boarding but be aware the earliest we can administer medication is 7:30am and the latest is 7:30pm. 

Please ensure clear instructions are left with any medication.

Please provide enough medication for their stay, and a little extra in case of unforeseen circumstances, such as delays in your return.

Your pet will be able to hear, smell and see other pets in residence. We do offer playdates to socialised dogs in carefully selected groups so that size and temperament are matched. On arrival we will ask you to confirm that your dog is suitable for a playdate but inclusion is at the discretion of the staff once your dog has been assessed and we feel there are suitable matches.

Possible…We exercise our boarders three times a day and have a number of paddocks where they are either walked on lead or they play off lead. During inclement weather these do get muddy and while we towel them down when they come back to their kennel some dogs (long haired or small and fluffy) will get dirtier that larger short haired dogs.

I'm afraid not. Past experience has shown that, especially with dogs, this can cause upset provoking symptoms such as upset tummies and refusing food.

Sometimes walking away from your pet, especially those that haven't been left before, can be equally as traumatic for them as it can be for you. So I'm sure you'll agree it's a bit unfair to do it to them over and over again!

No, as long as your puppy is old enough to have had all its vaccinations we are happy to have them board with us.

We are equally happy to look after your older dog, as long as they are in reasonable health.